AddieUP Reviews : Side Effects and Where to Buy

What Is AddieUP?

AddieUp is a herbal supplement that is used to enhance mental clarity for various tasks like writing, studying and reading. Its’ name points out to a fact that the product is targeted toward individuals with ADHD or ADD and those who are currently using Adderall in order to control the symptoms. It was developed-by Doctor Mike Baker, who was a chiropractor looking for alternative medication to Adderall & other prescription medications he had been taking-for his ADHD.

The AddieUP formula basically relies on both nootropics and stimulants. The stimulants give the energy, while the nootropics (also called smart drugs) enhance the brain function by improving the supply-of oxygen to your brain & stimulates nerve growth.

AddieUP Reviews for Ingredients

The stimulants include:
-Yerba Mate; a balanced stimulant which also acts as an antioxidant & includes 24 minerals and vitamins.
-Guarana which gives energy & endurance while at the same time improving cognitive ability.
-Caffeine Anhydrous which helps in stimulating the central nervous-system so as to prevent drowsiness & increase alertness.
-DMAA (it comes from geranium-oil and is well known to enhance energy).

The nootropics include:

-Huperzia Serrata which helps in protecting the brain against any the free radical-damage. It supports memory & concentration.
Ginkgo Biloba which improves cognition, memory and attention levels via presence of antioxidants.
Choline which helps in preventing memory loss associated-with aging by restoring and protecting the dendrites of your brain cells thus maintaining optimal-communication between the nerve endings.

How AddieUp Works

The nootropics function as memory & cognitive enhancers, as-well-as intelligence enhancers. The nootropics are theorized-to work by simply altering available supply of brain’s enzymes, hormones and neurotransmitters. They help in improving the oxygen supply to your brain and also stimulates the nerve growth. Ginkgo is commonly known as 1 of the 1st nootropics with positive advantages to both long and short term brain health. The antioxidants help in protecting the body and the brain. 1 of the key ingredients in AddieUP, that is yerba mate, is high in antioxidants, it has about 90 percent more antioxidants than the green tea. It also has significant immune enhancing properties. It helps in detoxifying the blood, reducing stress and also helps with insomnia.

AddieUp Side Effects

Although this supplement is commonly regarded as safe & well tolerated-by adults, there are some side effects that are associated with its’ use. They include; insomnia, headaches and some irritability. However, these aren’t typical and it’s possible that you may not experience any kind of side effect with your regular dosage of AddieUp. In case they occur, they are usually as a result of the body adjusting-to the supplement, and they should pass in 10 to 15 days.

Where to Buy AddieUp

You can buy AddieUP online directly from their main AddieUp website. You may buy the 2 capsule packet-for $4.99, the 20 count bottle-for $21.99, or the 60 count bottle-for $59.99. There’s 30 day money-back guarantee.

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The Basics for Increasing Mind Power

You have the ability to continually increase mind power regardless of your age. Unfortunately, poor lifestyle choices can cause progressive mental decline without your even noticing it, but the decline does not have to happen!

All it takes to begin to turn things around is the willingness and discipline to examine two critical areas of your daily life, and make adjustments if necessary. Letting go of destructive habits that have developed over time can “kick” your brain back into gear.

Take a look at these two areas and decide what steps you must take to ensure that your mind power is top-notch and stays that way for the rest of your life

Eat Healthy Foods

If you want a healthy, powerful mind, you need a healthy body.

If you have not been eating well, it has undoubtedly taken its toll on your general health, especially your energy levels, your attitude about life, and the efficiency of brain function.

You can start to change all of that right now by cleaning out your cupboards and refrigerator. Throw away (or give away) all the sugary, white flour products, and anything that has been heavily processed or contains transfats.

Make a commitment to increase your mind power through a better diet. Eat foods that are good for the brain or some nootropic supplements (especially racetams) that made from natural ingredients (recommended NITROvit). Stop succumbing to the convenience of fast food, the seduction of energy drinks, and eliminate stress-induced junk food binges.

Control what you eat by cooking at home using fresh, nutrient-filled ingredients such as a variety of fruits and vegetables, lean cuts of meat, oily fish, whole grain breads and cereals, and learn to snack on berries, seeds, and nuts instead of pastries and candy.

Get Adequate Rest

Nothing creates a sluggish brain more than physical exhaustion. Your mind and your body need sleep to keep your mind power sharp and agile.

If you are not sleeping well, do everything possible to discover the root cause of poor sleeping patterns and find a way to correct the problem. The more rested you are, the better your brain will function.

Most adults require 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep every night for optimum energy. Develop the habit of going to bed early (around 10:00 pm) and getting up early (around 6:00 am).

Early morning hours tend to be the most productive because your mind is rested, which allows it to function at peak performance levels. It is the perfect time to activate your brain and increase mind power.

Fill those early hours with stimulating activities and challenging problem-solving. You will be more effective all day and your mind will benefit from the daily stimulation.

Learn to power nap right after lunch for a significant recharge. The longer the nap, the better; but, even 20 minutes will make you more efficient and alert. A 60- to 90-minute nap (should you be so lucky) is ideal for increasing brain function.

Being fully rested, coupled with a healthy diet are the foundation of a lifestyle that will continually increase mind power and keep your mind young regardless of your age.

How Do You Improve Memory Function through Behavior

Has it ever crossed your mind that you can improve memory function through behavior which has the ability to retain new memories? Well as a matter of fact it does, and not just on a minor level because your behavior greatly affects how you manage to remember these new acquaintances in life. Memory is basically divided into two parts, the long term memory which can be associated with events in the past that you still remember, and short term memory. Information like names, phone numbers, dates, etc are stored in your short term memory. It cannot be argued that by improving your short term memory, you will reap the rewards of being able to remember such information thus it will be more effective to improve memory function.

   Memory can be improved by changing your behavior.”

Memory can be improved by changing your behavior, but it’s not as hard as you think it is.  The behavioral change involved in improving your memory does not necessarily require a total change of your personality. For example, a number of research studies show that reading aloud helps you in remembering the information you are reading.  For some, vocalization of words combined with hearing them significantly aids the information to connect better to their brain.

Another interesting fact about memory and behavior is the interesting relationship of people’s memory and alcohol.  Although more research is required, there are enough indications that light to moderate alcohol consumption improves your cognitive ability. On the other hand too much drinking seriously holds back memory, but a number of studies suggest that moderate drinkers perform better on certain memory tests than heavy drinkers or nondrinkers. Flavonoids found in red wine is widely believed to give off special benefits for blood circulation, thus aiding memory. Red grape juice also contains flavonoids, making this change in behavior available for everyone.

Take good note that memory slowly deteriorates when your mind is subjected to stress, including anxiety or anger. That is because parts of the brain that are originally intended for memory storage are instead used to contain depression and its associated effects to the mind.  Depression is a major culprit of memory, in fact most of the time depression is misdiagnosed as a memory capability issue primarily because the main indicator of the condition is the inability to concentrate.  When one loses the ability to focus, they would most likely feel as if they are always forgetting things.  In reality, the reason why they are “forgetful” is the fact that they are unable to concentrate and to absorb what should be remembered in the first place.  Another thing is that depression almost dictates the types of information a person is able to recall, and in the process your brain becomes selective about which information should be passed to the long-term storage. Because of the selective process, depressed people tend to only remember negative memories.

 Exercise not only works out the body, it exercises the brain as well.

An alternative way you can improve memory function through behavior is by boosting the amount that you exercise regularly.  Exercise not only works out the body, it exercises the brain as well.  The brain depends on energy derived from the ceaseless intake of oxygen and nutrients to perform properly. The moment the needed nutrients cease to arrive, the brain’s ability to function is seriously affected.  Some research has concluded that cognitive ability is directly proportional to physical activeness. You can also improve memory function by games.

Anyone can learn simple techniques in order to improve their recall ability, but that is just a mere part of the solution. Because before anyone can embark on any venture to improve their memory, proper mentality is a prerequisite. And sometimes it really takes time to improve memory function through behavior and have a much better life.

Nootropic supplement is another way that can improve your memory. Checklist The 20 best Nootropic supplements in 2014.

NITROvit Review – Adderall Alternative

NITROvit is nootropic Supplement product. NITROvit made ​​from best natural ingredients that include with Acetyl L-Carnitine, Alpha GPC Choline, Alpha Lippic Acid, Bacopa Leaf powder, Gingko Leaf powder, Huperzine A, L-Taurine, Oat Straw Herb Powder, Phosphatidylserine, Vinprocetine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12

11 Point Cognitive Optimization

1. Focus and Concentration
(Alpha GPC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gingko Biloba, Oat Straw, Vinprocetine)

2. Mental Clarity and Alertness
(Alpha GPC, ALCAR, Bacopa Leaf, Huperzine A, Gingko Biloba, Oat Straw)

3. Slowed Cognitive Decline/Anti-Aging
(ALCAR, Alpha GPC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Bacopa Leaf, L-Taurine, Huperzine A, Gingko Biloba, Vinpocetine, Vit B12)

4. Infomation Retention And Memory Recall
(Alpha GPC Choline, Bacopa Leaf, Gingko Biloba, Huperzine A, L-Taurine, Vinpocetine, Vit B6 )

5. Aided Learning
(Alpha GPC, ALCAR, Bacopa Leaf, Huperzine A, Gingko Biloba, L-Taurine, Phosphatidylserine, Vit B6)

6. Motivation and Productivity
(Bacopa Leaf, Oat Straw, Vit B6)

7. Lucid & Vivid Dreams
(Bacopa Leaf)

8. Improve Sleep Quality
(Bacopa Leaf, Vit B6)

9. Elevate Mood
(Bacopa Leaf, L-Taurine, Oat Straw, Phosphatidylserine)

10. Boosted metabolism
(ALCAR, Alpha GPC, Alpha Lipoic Acid, L-Taurine, Vinpocetine, Vit B6, Vit B12)

11. Cellular Repair Antioxidant
(ALCAR, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Gingko Biloba, L-Taurine, Vinpocetine)

How NITROvit works

1. Increased Blood Flow to the Brain, Strengthening the Neurotransmithers
2. Breaking Down Potentially Harmful Lipofuscin
3. Provides the Brain Vital Nutrients

Safe, Effective, Results 100% Guarantee

NITROvit is buit in a certified G.M.P Laboratory for quality assurance and under strict F.D.A guidelines

NITROvit Where to buy

You can buy NITROvit direct from

NITROvit Reviews from real people who use it

NITROvit is Adderall Alternative that made from highest quality natural ingredients. You can find more information or testimonials for decision before buying. For other adderall alternativess (Adrafinil), nootropics and supplements, visit

Addtabz Reviews and Side Effects


Addtabz Reviews and Side Effects

Addtabz is an over the counter supplement which was originally designed as an option to the prescription medication Adderall. It’s meant for those individuals who have got attention, focus, energy, concentration, and also productivity issues. It contains the active element of Ampheta-CDP that is a hybrid of the Ampheta-HCL. The two ingredients were actually designed to enhance the mental functioning through OTC versions and also through physicians’ offices in RX versions. It also comes in two strengths which are ADDTabz and also ADDTabz RX. Anyone can take ADDTabz but ADDTabz RX is stronger and requires doctors’ prescription.

How does Addtabz work?

This product has the same prescription strength just like Adderall in its exceptional way. It normally provides energy like just like Adderall does. In fact, the two products usually cross the blood brain barrier. Addtabz is however thought by many people to be one of the best available pills for the brain that has got no prescription on the market today. It has been designed to increase the mental sharpness. It improves the ability of a person to concentrate, do critical thinking, and to remember information and many more.
Some smart drugs including these particular pills are sometimes referred to as nootropics and are very different from that typical prescription productivity known as Adderall. This is simply because nootropics carries out their job protecting the brain cells and also improving mental functioning having not stressed the body. This product is ideal for the students who try to study long hours. Also, business people can work longer hours effectively when they take these pills. In short, anyone can take this product to stay mentally sharp.

Addtabz side effects

There are very few side effects that are associated with this product. The side effects are quite characteristics of the stimulants and can be as a result of the DMAA which is included in this product. It has been linked to heart palpitations, seizures, heart attacks, panic attacks, strokes, nervousness, anxiety as well as stress. Like an amphetamine, it may also increase blood pressure and still put added strain on your heart.

Where to buy addtabz

Once you have done your homework and read unbiased customer feedback as well as reviews, you can order through Gentech’s storefront online. This ensures that you get the best customer service, freshest product, the best deals and offers, and also fastest delivery. Try Addtabz today and for sure, you will be mentally sharp.

Addtabz Chart

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The 7 Guidelines In Choosing Brain Supplements


There are many brain supplements in the market nowadays, and every single one of them has a number of health claims. Some say their product increases IQ while others would say theirs enhance mood thereby encouraging the brain to function better than usual. Oftentimes people who wish to compare brain supplements are baffled with which “features” really matter.

Well it can’t be helped that ads in and out of the internet are sometimes, if not always, exaggerated; marketing after all is an art that has perfected ways and means to lure common thinking.  But despite that, one can always look for the validity of any supplements’ claims with just a stroke of perseverance and a penchant for curiosity; in short anyone can investigate the veracity of such claims just by using the guidelines that follow.

Types of memory that benefit – there are two types of memory, one is the short term memory and the other is the long term memory. Take into consideration which of the two needs be improved, but my advice is to choose one that addresses both.

1.Speed of memory recall – It is essential that a supplement must be able to improve this area because this greatly affects both types of memory. Short term and long term memory are both important in performing complex brain functions such as logic and creativity.  These two functions in turn serve as barometers for one’s mental ability. Speed of memory recall is often equated with the brain’s ability to process information effectively.

2.Clearness of claim – Consumers usually hear tons of claims from brain supplements, but they seldom hear the specifics of any claims. A good supplement would state clearly to what level is it able to improve brain ability. These levels may be measured by how many years back a brain’s capacity would be refreshed. A period of 10 to 15 years back is recommended.

3.Mental clarity and energy – There are drugs, especially illegal ones, which induce enhanced brain power for a short period of time. But these drugs take a heavy toll in the long run, and the sudden outburst of brain power sometimes deconstructs all ideas into countless messy heaps of information. This phenomenon greatly inhibits the brain’s ability to form gathered information into well substantiated thoughts. Good brain supplements must provide additional energy to increase brain power without losing clarity. In other words a supplement must create an ecstatic state without sacrificing concentration. Concentration, after all is key to cognitive ability.

4.Mood and IQ improvement – It is widely debated whether the focus of any supplement should be mood development or IQ development. Both methods have advantages over the other. IQ increases intelligence while mood increases effectiveness. It s recommended however that both be present in a supplement for it to be called good.

5.Component nutrients’ clinically proven effective dose – Every nutrient found in any brain supplement must be in amounts at or above the clinically effective dosage. No medicine or supplement would work if it’s not taken at the dosage required, so do your research on how much a certain nutrient should be taken on a regular basis before deciding which brain supplement to use.

6.Clinical tests – This aspect is critical as it would validate the two cardinal factors that should be considered in choosing brain supplements which are safety and effectiveness. A good brain supplement must pass tests as rigorous FDA and independent university tests. Look for test claims and see if they included scientifically and medically accepted methods such as randomized, double blind, placebo controlled trial. Brain scan proofs of rapid effects are also good indicators of effectiveness.

7.Customer support – Always look for products that offer customer support, especially online support. A company’s ability to provide this kind of incentive generally gives the notion that their product is the real thing and that their claims are no hoax. This also gives the idea that the manufacturer of the brain supplement actually cares for its costumers and that profit is not the primary goal of the product. This is why I always choose Their support is top notch.

With those seven tips, you should be able to get a clear picture as to what brain supplement you should take. It really pays to be inquisitive, and never take any claim as automatically true. Investigate a bit and balance all facts.

Profiderall Reviews and Side Effects


What Is Profiderall ?

Profiderall is a neotropic that helps increases your cognitive energy, allowing you to think more clearly and focus on the task at hand. It is a stimulant that elevates your energy levels for up to six hours, and has been developed to comply with DSHEA regulations. It is considered an alternative to the prescription drug, Adderall. Those looking for a minimum side effect alternative to Adderall can find it in Profiderall. Profiderall can be used as an over the counter treatment to ADD and ADHD. It is frequently used and marketed as a temporary brain boost and study aid.

How Profiderall Works

The active ingredients in profiderall are: picamilon, choline, tyrosine, taurine, DMAE, alpha-liptoic acid, vinpocetine, huperzine A, caffeine anhydrous, and a blend of vitamin B6 and B12. These ingredients work in tandem to stimulate brain cognition and energy while simultaneously reducing performance anxiety and stress. They improve vasodilation by increasing blood flow and circulation to the brain, allowing you to concentrate harder for longer.

The main active ingredient of profiderall is picamilion. This is the only nootropic that crosses the blood barrier, allowing the neurotransmitter Gaba to deliver directly to receptor sites. Picamilion is a lot more effective than taking Gaba supplements alone, as it creates the pathways necessary to travel directly to the receptor sites where synapses occurs.

Nootropics pinpoint the neurotransmitter acetylcholine via cholinergic receptors in the brain and increases their functions by stimulating the NMDA glutamate receptors. Stimulating these neurotransmitters directly influence functions such as concentration, memory and learning.

New to nootropics? Get the latest products and information from All products have 3rd party lab tests to ensure purity!

Profiderall Side Effects

The effects of profiderall are considered mild and are often not felt by users. To minimize any potential negative effects of the supplement, drink plenty of water and avoid taking it in the evening to ward against insomnia. As Profiderall contains large doses of stimulants, it should not be used by women who are pregnant or lactating.
* Mild headaches
* Restlessness
* Nausea
* Irritability
* Increased perspiration
* Difficulty sleeping
* Rapid heart beat
* Skin flushing, if you are sensitive to Niacin
* Redness or itching, if you are sensitive to Niacin

Where To Buy Profiderall

The main active ingredient in Profiderall, picamilon, is considered as a dietary supplement in the United States. Since the FDA is only interested in medical drugs, you can purchase the Profiderall supplement easily online through the manufacturers website. Picamilon is considered a prescription medication in Russia and Japan however, and if you reside there, you will need to make a visit to your local general doctor.

Profiderall Chart

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Vinpocetine Reviews and Side Effects


What is Vinpocetine?

This is a common question that many people do ask. Vinpocetine is simply a supplement that is used to increase the memory function as well as mental alertness. It may also improve sight, cardiovascular and hearing functions. It is produced from vinca or periwinkle that grows mostly in the shaded woodlands with less sunlight. The seeds from this plant are harvested and vincamine is extracted from them to make the supplement. This supplement may be used alone or together with other supplements so as to get better results. It is reported to also have neuroprotective and blood-flow enhancing effects. It is widely marketed all over the world.

Vinpocetine Benefits

The supplement functions by dilating the blood vessels. In return, this allows the blood to flow freely to the human brain. The flow of the blood brings more oxygen to the brain and also increases the glucose utilization. The supplement also has a positive effect when it comes to production of the ATP (adenosine triphosphate). ATP is an energy molecule in the cellular level. Vinpocetine is meant to increase both the short and long term memory and many other benefits such as protecting hearing and visual functioning. Visual benefits of it include an improved night vision while the hearing benefits relive or reduce ringing in the vertigo and ear. Vinpocetine not only has the benefits to those with blood circulation diseases or suffering from the memory loss but also to those who would like to boost their brain functions. Athletes and skiers can also benefit from an increased energy and oxygenation.

Vinpocetine side effects

It does not have many side effects like addrena. All you need to do is follow the precautions before you start using it. Some of the side effects that have been reported include dry mouth, weakness and dizziness after taking the supplement. You should start with low doses and gradually increase the dose to the required level apart from if you suffer adverse effects. Other side effects that it may cause include nausea, headache, stomach pain, flushing of the face and nervousness. For the breast-feeding and expectant mothers should not use this supplement.

Where to buy Vinpocetine

The supplement is sold over the counter in United States. It is only available by prescription in other countries including Europe. The average price of this supplement is around $ 24.99. You can just try it and surely it will work out fine for you especially if you follow the precautions carefully. Buy vinpocetine here.

Vinpocetine benefits the brain with minimum side effects

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Power Up Your Brain

Have you ever wondered how to power up your brain effectively without having to spend a lot of hard-earned cash on seminars and personal mentoring?

Well, the reality is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money, it is a do-it-yourself project.

There are many relatively easy, little- or no-cost ways to power up your brain in the comfort of your own home or as you go about your daily living. Today I want to share with you one of those ways that anyone can do . . . any where . . any time.

Power up your brain by consciously choosing to use both sides of your brain!

Brain power comes from two very distinct thinking centers commonly known as the left brain and the right brain.

The left brain is called the logic center, and the right brain is called the creative center. Everyone uses both sides, but one side is usually dominant – either naturally or as a result of a chosen profession or current job demands.

The left brain controls logical, rational behavior; a linear thought process, and the ability to express thoughts clearly. Professions such as mathematics, engineering and computer-related fields require functions accessed through the left side of the brain.

The right brain controls imagination, creativity, a visual and free-flowing thought process, and the ability to understand and demonstrate emotions easily. Professions in writing, music, art, theatre, and sports require functions accessed through the right side of the brain.

People can be forced by the demands of their jobs to use a particular side of the brain most of the time. For example, if a person is working as a computer tech, the logic center will be constantly in use, while the creative center is essentially ignored for most of the day – even if the creative center is the naturally dominant side.

Regardless of the side from which you generally function – whether it is by choice or necessity – it is important to develop the ability to regularly access both sides of the brain in order for your brain power to be at its strongest.

Balance is important!

Brain power can be affected if the two sides are not balanced. Analyze your lifestyle and decide which center is being used more and choose activities that will stimulate the opposite side.

To stimulate the creative center (right side), you can take a course in music of the great masters, try your hand at creative writing, or learn to dance.

To stimulate the logic center (left side), you can study a new language, take a computer course, or develop your mathematical skills.

Regardless of the activities you choose to balance your brain, the effort you expend will not only power up your brain, but will also provide great personal satisfaction and open new doors in your life (another great brain booster).

Overcoming challenges requires diligently-focused mental effort. The synapses fire away and new connections are made in the brain. That is exactly what you want to happen because it will power up your brain and ensure top performance whenever you need it.

Power Up Your Brain By Engaging Your Senses

Learning how to increase brain power requires continuous effort over a period of time. There is no silver bullet to make it happen; but, there are many things you can do to ensure that your brain is being adequately stimulated on a regular basis. One excellent strategy is to challenge your senses.

We live in a very visual/audio-centric society where people trust their eyes and ears more than their other senses. Those are the primary tools used to interpret life’s experiences.

The other three senses – touch, taste, and smell – are taken for granted, and not used or enjoyed to the extent they could be. This can lead to mental stagnation and reduced brain power over the long term.

You need to use all of your senses if you want to enhance your mental acuity and actively increase brain power everyday. Below are two exercises that work wonders:

1. Block out the two primary senses and force yourself to rely on the remaining three. Experience things only through touch, taste, and smell. Start with simple activities such as eating, walking, or a creative activity such as folding origami.

As long as you’re not driving, cooking, or operating any machinery, you can probably use a blindfold and earplugs without running into trouble. Immerse yourself in the experience of having to use your three less frequently used senses to interpret what is happening.

Eating a meal is a good place to start. It may be awkward at first; so, take your time. Absorb the aromas, the textures, and the flavors of the food. Discover how amazing those senses are and how much they can enhance the eating experience.

It has been medically proven that when one sense fails or is lost, brain power kicks in and the mind compensates by intensifying the remaining senses. This exercise simulates that experience with the same results.

Try variations of the exercise again and again. The longer you immerse yourself in each experience, the better the results. It is a great way to increase brain power and have fun at the same time. Invite others to join you! Their brains can use the boost, too.

2. Go on a sensory adventure – For example, visit a pastry shop where you can sample cookies and breads that you may never have considered buying in the past.

Try eating oysters in the half-shell (which BTW, is an excellent brain food because of its zinc content that keeps your mind sharp), try sushi for the first time, and experiment with other ethnic foods that you have never been bold enough to try.

For a sensory adventure at home that will increase brain power, have a friend or partner blindfold you and test your ability to identify items within a set of items through your sense of smell.

Use sets such as flowers, herbs, perfumes, and lotions. This can also be done with the sense of taste (identifying foods, different kinds of drinks, cereals) and with the sense of touch (identifying fabrics, plants, household items).

The goal is to heighten your senses and challenge your brain to bring you the correct answer. You can easily embark on a sensory adventure no matter where you are – at home with your family, socializing, or traveling. Be creative!

If you can perform these types of exercises once or twice a week, you are taking significant steps toward increasing your brain power.

Power Up Your Brain With These 3 Secret Nutrients

There are many reasons why you should enhance your memory. It is quite common for the average person to forget a thing or two, and every time this happens it makes a person very frustrated for not having an enhanced memory.  Although there are many physical exercises one can do to achieve enhanced memory, sometimes they tend to be too impractical to bear. For instance, you couldn’t possibly read aloud all the time just to remember a certain detail of what you’re reading.  Reading aloud has been proven to aid in memory recall, but cases like when you’re in a library won’t really fit that bill.

Through the ages, scientists have been looking for brain enhancers specifically brain supplements that could unlock and refresh the mind. These enhancers could be in the form of natural or synthetic chemicals that could be taken orally or by alternative means. Many drugs have been introduced claiming brain enhancing effects such as better memory, higher test results, etc. But before deciding on buying brain supplements, try to find out first what compounds really matter to brain stimulation and enhancement.

“According to intensive research, there are many compounds that exhibit brain enhancing effects. But among them, the three most prominent and deemed to be most effective up to the present time are Acetyl-l-carnitine (ALC), Vinpocetine (VIN), and Huperzine A (HUP).”

These three are non-synthetic and non-rare compounds that have been in actual use as brain supplements. Two of them, VIN and HUP, can be found in certain herbs. While ALC is derived from very common sources and can be found in normal diet. ALC is a primary ingredient in the body’s energy production at the cellular level. This compound enhances memory by means of producing antioxidants; the process of burning fats and lipids to produce energy creates antioxidants as byproducts. These antioxidants act like guardians of the phospholipid membranes from detrimental factors such as oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation. Sources of ALC include fish and liver, though red meat is a good source but keep in mind that red meat is detrimental to the brain in the long run.

Vinpocetine (VIN) is a periwinkle flower extract that has been extensively studied. As a matter of fact it has already been widely marketed as a brain supplement. VIN has been found out to maximize the brain’s energy intake and utilization which ultimately results in higher levels of brain metabolism, thus aiding concentration and cognitive ability. This compound is also known to be an anti-aging agent; experiments have proven that VIN significantly inhibits the aging of neurons.

Huperzine A (HUP) has been widely used in Asia for about a century already. Chinese medical studies have pointed out that this nutrient contributes to better brain functioning. A landmark FDA study was conducted with Huperzine A and it was found out that it has three major benefits to brain enhancement. First is with improving the brain’s acetylcholine levels, second is that it’s safe for long term intake, and third is HUP counters calcium imbalances that cause cognitive deterioration.

Take good note that even though these nutrients are rather common, they still need to be taken in required amounts. These amounts however, cannot be found in common sources such as normal diet. Luckily there are supplements available in the market that provide them separately or in one. But before deciding to take any supplement, ask first your doctor and make sure to make an in depth comparison of the many brain supplements present in the market. And remember to always opt for safety and reliability as you enhance your memory. Try also other techniques as you take this nutrients to enhance your memory.